Retired French Dancer: ‘It’s worth living to admire artists like these’

April 1, 2018

“The show is wonderful, beautiful! There are no words, there are no adjectives that can express the immense joy we feel when we see this show.”

“I recommend to everyone to see this show, because even when I talk about it, I get goosebumps, … I’m really amazed.”

“It’s extraordinary. Perfect in every way. The costumes, the dancers—they’re really together, it’s really something unimaginable. … The technique, the beauty, everything is there; and I can tell you, I love the show.”

“I am used to seeing wonderful artists and shows. I am a fan of Svetlana Zakharova who is a ballerina of the Bolshoi that I saw several times on stage in Europe and here, then, … this show is really world class.”

“There is purity, there is beauty, there is the elegance of the gestures. .. It’s really so flexible and so elegant—beauty, sweetness too, … spirituality, lotuses, it’s wonderful. We’re in a world of dreams, of tranquility. It is a source of youth, a source of beauty that we all need in the morose daily life.”

“Finally I can say that seeing such a spectacle reconciles with life. Even if we have daily problems, it’s worth living to admire artists like these.”

“Thank you very much and long life for Shen Yun!”