Retired Army Colonel: Shen Yun Is Beautiful and Very Inspiring

April 23, 2018

“I enjoyed it very much.”

“[The blend of Chinese and Western instruments] is impressive. The instrument with two strings, the erhu, gets such dynamic sounds. It’s impressive—that lady was very skilled.”

“It’s beautiful. It’s very, very inspiring. The graphics on the screen, that’s a whole new dimension. I have never seen anything like that before.”

“The choreography, the narration [express harmony]. It’s very clear that these young people had poured their heart and soul into this.”

“[The energy] is kind of infectious, I mean you sit there and you just feel it come to you.”

“I was surprised at how cohesive it is. It seems that all the pieces come together, and I think I learned a little about [Falun Dafa] tonight. I knew nothing about that before. It’s a very, very different philosophy than in the West, but seems so harmonious.”

“I think [the spirituality] is very important. We have become so secular, and I think it leads to a lot of ills that we see in society today.”

“What I saw in the performance tonight is the young people feel there’s still some oppression there, [in China] that they can’t practice their artform in China. That saddens me a little bit.”

“I would recommend it. It’s really uplifting, and I feel much better.”