Retired Archaeologist Finds Shen Yun’s Drama Pieces ‘Very Poignant’

March 27, 2017

“[Shen Yun mini-drama pieces are] very poignant. Tragic, the tragic beauty. There’s a hope, when there’s funniness, there’s hope. The hope that people will see and understand in this world, because this world at the moment is not very understanding. It’s too fast. This gets you back to the ancient days when things were just beautiful.”

“[These stories are] very important, Very important. I think a lot of these people[audience members], it’s funny you see people here you wouldn’t expect to see and they maybe see something different. Because the material isn’t of this world—it disappears. The soul, your whole soul gets into it [the Shen Yun performance], the whole spirit.”

“If people see this, people will be different when they come out, because I’m certainly very much different. [They will] have hope and they all are tuned in.

“It’s [the future is] already there. It’s already beautiful.”