Puppy Who Tested Positive for Meth and Heroin Is Now Clean and Adopted

By Sherley Boursiquot
Sherley Boursiquot
Sherley Boursiquot
July 22, 2016 Updated: July 22, 2016

Bubba’s life is looking up. 

The puppy, who was rescued and found to have methamphetamine and heroin in his system, is now clean and has been adopted.

Bubba was 8 weeks old when he was rescued by Tustin, Orange County, police on March 22 when they arrested Bubba’s owner, Joshua West, 40, on an unrelated charge. 

The Jack Russell-Chihuahua mix was found huddled in a corner in a motel room “listless and near death,” the Orange County Register reported.

“It was alleged that Bubba had been intentionally exposed to drugs by another person or persons,” Orange County Animal Care, wrote on its Facebook page. The animal care facility has taken care of Bubba since his rescue. 

Lt. Brian Frick, a supervising animal control officer, was one of the first officers who was called to the scene at the motel, which was infested with drugs, paraphernalia, and used needles.

“I walked in and saw all these drugs on the ground,” Frick told the Orange County Register. “I said ‘where’s the dog?’ and walked around the corner and saw him lying listless. He was so cold and lethargic, I thought it was just that he’d been taken from his mom too soon. I never suspected he may have gotten into drugs.”

Orange County Animal Care said in late March that Bubba was recovering well after receiving treatments and fluids. A YouTube video posted on May 24 shows a hyperactive Bubba playing with a police officer. 

Last week, Bubba’s test results came back clear from drugs and Jennifer Hawkins, shelter director and chief veterinarian, told the Orange County Register that Bubba has made a full recovery and is not expected to have medical challenges.

He was put up for adoption on Wednesday morning, July 20, and was adopted immediately by a couple who took him to his new home around 4 p.m.

“He found his perfect match today and after a tumultuous start in his young life this little guy is finally getting the happily ever after he deserves,” Orange County Animal Care wrote on its Facebook page Wednesday. 

“They were a really nice couple and told us that Bubba would have a sister,” Katie Ingram, assistant director of the animal care facility told Orange County Register. “Bubba bonded with them immediately.”

“Congratulations to Bubba and his new forever family!” staff wrote on Facebook.