Psychologist Sees Divine Beauty in the Movement of Shen Yun’s Dancers

January 8, 2017

“I think it’s brilliant. It is absolutely out of this world. You can actually feel the energy of the people. It’s really grounded but it’s also mystical. It’s just divine—the word divine is really true.

“Divine beauty that comes out of movement of the [dancers]. You can see the divinity in them. Absolutely! I feel light and inspired, and I feel joy, and alive.”


“[I feel] inspired to live beautifully, and divinely, and sharing with people, and feeling compassion for others. The message really came through very strongly, really listening to the true values of life: love and compassion.”


“The lyrics just touched me deeply. It’s very profound, very touching, especially the tenor’s voice and how he performed.

“The lyrics really meant that nothing ever has any meaning except your purpose, to find what your true meaning is in this life so that you can live it with others and share it. And the true purpose is really to have a deeper value, divine value instead of just earthly values.”


“I think I’ll bring everything with me: the joy, and the deeper meaning of holding onto the purpose of life; the real value is in being your true, divine self, and not just your human self, and desire, wealth, and all the earthly stuff.”


“If something stood out, it was the passion of the dancers and how they lit up the stage with their passion, but also the story of how people overcame the oppression and the violence against their true inner beliefs. That is really very touching.”

Jayni Bloch, psychologist
Ottawa, Canada
Shen Yun World Company
January 7, 2017