Professor Says Shen Yun Brings a Message of Freedom

April 4, 2017

“[Shen Yun] I think it’s wonderful—very talented people.

“I think the Chinese people have come from a lot of struggle and it’s evident there’s a lot of that struggle, and very stoic kind of people. My wife’s Chinese, and I appreciate that about the Chinese people. There’s still a lot of injustice, conflicts and things, and that came out in the show.”

“[Shen Yun brings a message of] freedom! And the need for freedom, the need for tolerance, and mutual respect for different cultures.”

“I think it’s controversial because it brings up issues that the communist party isn’t particularly happy about.”

“Chinese people have very strong spiritual side—it’s something that is dear to them and it’s been very supressed over the last 100 years; so it is part of that freedom that needs to be dealt with.”

“I think it’s a very emotive thing to see because of the skills the people have and the feeling that goes behind it and the screen behind, the energy, the dedication of the performers. It’s very exciting to watch.”

“[Shen Yun is] energy, beauty, and truth.”