Professor Feels ‘Pure Energy’ Coming From the Shen Yun Performers

January 13, 2018

“The show was fantastic. I thought it was absolutely phenomenal. The coordination and the choreography were, was unbelievable.”

“Phenomenal … I’ve been wanting to see this program for years … It’s a stunning thing to see, absolutely stunning.”

“They had a lot of energy. We are talking about pure energy here. For each one of these dancers to do what they do and [be] precise—tremendous stuff and for those who are not familiar with dance, this was no easy thing to do for them.”

“The voice [of the soprano] was pure and it was unbelievably strong.”

“So the background [digital backdrop] and the figures coming in are so well timed and so well proportioned. That’s why you get that feeling that they are actually coming out of the screen.”