Professional Painter: Shen Yun’s Colors Were ‘Delicious, Rich and Beautiful’

February 7, 2018

“This was so beautiful. The colors were delicious, delicious colors. The colors were so rich and beautiful. And all the dancing was wonderful and unique. It was different than anything else I ever saw, so it was really wonderful.”

“It was very spiritual. … It made you feel real good, like a hot cocoa, so warm and fuzzy. It was very nice.”

“It was enlightening, because it makes you think about things you wouldn’t have thought about before, so that was a good thing. It was all positive.”

“I actually have an aunt that’s a ballerina, and I’m going to make sure she goes and sees this show, because she needs to see this. So unique, so different.”

“It was so interesting how they use the tumbling … I never knew it was part of the dance all along, because we all think of that as gymnastics, so that was really educational. I learned a lot.”

“It was just great beauty and makes me want to paint it. I think I need to do some painting … I will, I will paint that. It was really beautiful. Things that touch me, I paint.”