Prof. of Chinese Literature Touched by Shen Yun’s ‘Profound Depth’

April 9, 2011 Updated: April 11, 2011

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan—Ms. Lin Xiurong, an associate professor of Chinese literature at National Pingdong University, accompanied by her husband, came to Kaohsiung to watch internationally-acclaimed Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company performing at the Sun Yat-sen Hall, National Sun Yat-sen University on April 7. After watching the show, Ms. Lin said, "Their artistic presentations reveal outstanding vigor.”

What really impressed Ms. Lin was the experience of being touched by Shen Yun’s profound depth.

Ms. Lin said that Shen Yun was an outstanding show of Chinese classical dance. The dynamic backdrop projections and the stage performance were excellent and the dances exquisite.

Specializing in Chinese literature, Ms. Lin has dedicated herself to the integration of tradition and contemporary to promote literature and culture.

When watching the show, she couldn’t help thinking that “Shen Yun” [meaning “divine charm” in Chinese] had been named so appropriately—the contents of the performance truly have a lot to do with “divine charm," she said.

Ms. Lin quoted the literary works of Wang Shizhen, a reputed litterateur in the Ming Dynasty,.

"He said, 'The perfect combination of the internal spirit with the external appearance will inspire verses and escalate them to reach the realm of being lifelike and touching.'

"This is perfectly exemplified by the Shen Yun performance we saw today," Ms. Lin said. "The show has reached the ingenious realm of art creation.”

In addition to sharing her experience about Shen Yun’s profound depth, Ms. Lin also described the beloved programs of the show.

She said the dance, Herding on the Grasslands had fully exhibited the unbridled wilderness of Mongolian grasslands and the exhilarating strength of the horsemen. The program Celestial Beauty created the exceptional atmosphere of fairy maidens playing flutes happily. "The graceful dancing and the euphoric music made me feel as though I had been in heaven,” she said.

Although these programs were dramatized, the dancers’ body movements and facial expressions have revealed the wonderfulness of Shen Yun, she said.

Ms. Lin came to the show upon the enthusiastic recommendation of a friend. She said her friend had watched the show for three consecutive years and was still greatly affected by it.

After watching the show today, she got the same feeling too.

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