Private Investor: Shen Yun ‘Something we all should see and feel’

April 5, 2018

“I think you get the sense of the people that created this and their culture. It has to be a wonderful spirit that’s part of the Chinese history that is carrying on here, and we hope to see more of it.”

“To see the wonderful cultural history of China, many parts of that we would never see otherwise, [is] very good.”

“It’s the beauty, the harmony is something we probably don’t realize is there [in ancient Chinese culture].

“The dance is fantastic.”

“I like music, and certainly I’d be more interested in [knowing] some of the instruments that are making these beautiful sounds.”

“I think [Shen Yun’s] something we all should see and feel, and we would have better appreciation for how our countries can work together, the people of our two countries.”

“[My feelings] had runs of joy, of sorrow, passion, happiness, serenity—it’s all there.”

“We’d recommend it to anybody.”

“[The performance is] wonderful and more than I expected.”