Prague’s Top Microbreweries and Pubs

December 9, 2014 Updated: December 9, 2014

Beer is big business in Prague. In addition to the vastly diverse culture, the great sightseeing opportunities and the attractive architecture, the beer and the pubs explain the recent influx of tourism to the Czech capital. The Czech Republic exports its beers all over Europe so a visit to Prague isn’t even necessary to realise the popularity of their big commercial beer brands. But there is an alternative drinking experience to be had in Prague as the emergence of microbreweries has allowed independent beer makers to also prosper and blend their own unique recipes.

But what do microbreweries have to offer as an alternative to the big brands which dominate the market? Perhaps the common belief is that only in a confined, small scale brewing experience can the passion and authenticity of making and tasting beer truly exist. Maybe is the fact that each bottle that is brewed is an individual and unique entity, stamped with intimacy and the experience is therefore more personable. Or it could be the fact that beer brewed in microbreweries tends to be a lot cheaper and lot stronger! Whatever the reason, it is difficult not to advocate such an interesting and absorbing experience.

U Fleku

(Dr. Jaus via Flickr)
(Dr. Jaus via Flickr)

So the microbreweries and pubs to look out for in Prague should have the right atmosphere, something intimate and friendly, and should also have a great range of interesting beers: preferably ones you’ve never heard of before! Then it will be a truly unique and personal experience. So first of all, U Fleku.

As popular as any famous landmark in Prague, this is an enormously popular micro-pub. The building is magnificent, sectioned off into a few lounges and it has a beautiful garden. The foods traditional and delicious and the atmosphere is enhanced perfectly by great live music. And as for the vast array of unique beers? Well, as a matter of fact, U Fleku only sells one beer!

The beer is completely unique to U Fleku and although it may be quite off-putting that there is only one beer to choose from, there is something quite special about 1200 people in a 500 year old pub all united by one beer, all enjoying the same taste sensation at once.

U Medvidku

Another must is U Medvidku. The building is, again incredibly old, and the entire experience is as real and authentic as the fermentation of the beer – which actually occurs in front of you. Long tables sit below large iron chandeliers and next to the microbrewery itself. If it was a personal experience you were looking for in your beer tasting, this is the place. They offer some great beers, some particularly strong, and also a 9-hour program in which you can brew you own product.

Strahov Monastery Brewery

Finally, the Strahov Monastery Brewery is a truly majestic building, sitting atop a hill with a view of Prague which will take your breath away. The ornate interior is a little intimidating for a pub but you must visit and try one of three beers brewed by the monks.

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