Popular Middle Eastern Chain Just Falafel Coming to US

By Amelia Pang, Epoch Times
January 16, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Just Falafel, a popular United Arab Emirates-based vegetarian fast food chain, will expand its brand to the United States and Canada. 

Mohamad Bitar founded Just Falafel in 2007 in Abu Dhabi. Since then, it has outposted to 56 locations in Qatar, Turkey, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom.

Bitar plans to open 160 outlets over the next five years. 

“Just Falafel has built a tremendous following and awareness based purely on our love for and innovation of a traditional Middle Eastern food,” stated Fadi Malas, CEO of Just Falafel, in a press release. 

Jim Joy was appointed as CEO of Just Green Restaurants, Just Falafel’s exclusive developer for New York. Joy was formerly with Burger King, where he managed sales operations. 

Just Falalfel sells sandwiches and falafels with flavors that vary from American, Egyptian, Emirati, to Greek. 

Its Egyptian sandwich consists of cucumber pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, tahini dressing, rocket leaves, and coriander seeds wrapped up in tortilla bread. 

One of the original recipes for falafels, the traditional Egyptian sandwich is a mix of falafel with cucumber pickles, tomatoes and lettuce, wrapped up in tortilla bread. With tahini dressing, rocket leaves, and coriander seeds. 

Dips include pesto mayo, tzatziki, spicy Indian, red chili paste, cocktail sauce, and tahini. 

Desserts include homemade date pie, knefe, and Nutella toastie.