Plumber: Glass Bathroom Vessel Sinks Offer Trendy Textures and Colors

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By Ed Del Grande
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Q: Hi Ed: We plan on installing a new vessel-type glass bathroom sink. A big attraction to a glass sink is the striking colors and textures available. So we don’t miss anything, can you recommend some trendy colors/textures for us?

— Betty, New York state

A: Decorative pressed glass vessel sinks are not only a strong practical choice, they can also be an artistic focal point for many bathrooms — especially if custom backlighting can be installed.

New glass vessel sinks are available in many shapes and sizes, and as far as different textures and color choices go, the sky seems to be the limit.

That old saying brings me to the first trendy color on my list. It’s a rich warm blue color called sapphire. A cut glass sapphire vessel sink almost looks like its in motion as it fills with water.

The next trendy glass sink texture/color I’ve seen lately is almost colorless, and it’s simply called “ice.” This is basically a translucent glass sink with textures that resemble natural ice. The ice color/texture is of course great for bathrooms with cooler color tones.

Finally, another new color/texture glass sink I like is dew. Dew is opaque glass, but it has the look and feel of morning dew on a glass window.

Bottom line: For trendy glass vessel sinks, I simply say look into and through sapphire blue, cool ice or morning dew.


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