Pianist Uplifted by the Incredible Beauty of Shen Yun

March 26, 2017

“Absolutely love the show. … I will spread the news that this is something that everybody should really see.”

“I’m an alto [singer] myself but I think [the sopranos] — it’s a very different technique, there’s a different technique that they are taught with. It’s very interesting, they were great. They were more soloists than anything that I’ve heard. They definitely had that solo quality, so I thought they were very good.”

“The biggest takeaway is really how you present to pull your audience into the visual, the dancing, and the history. It all comes at you at once, but it’s very, very well presented. So I don’t feel overwhelmed, I feel like filled with just the beauty,  just incredible beauty.”

“I just think that it is so uplifting and also you get the history, you get a sense of some of the strife and some of the life in a different culture. But it was so visually very beautiful. I was going ‘ahh, ahh’.”