Photographer Says Shen Yun ‘Was Like Poetry to the Eyes’

May 5, 2017

“The impression … I’m still a bit speechless sitting up in the front row and seeing all of the costumes and the dancing, it’s really spectacular.”

“Overwhelmed. It was a lot to take in and yes, for the eyes it was just absolutely beautiful. It was like poetry to the eyes.”

“Of course the lighting and the colors and the way everything was moving around, all the actors as they performed—it was choreographed beautifully. I’m actually speechless.”

“The colors were absolutely beautiful. The deep blues and the yellows are very, very striking. They were so pleasant in some cases and in other cases they filled me with excitement.”

“The coordination like the ones with the yellow flowers—some of the blue costumes going with the blue skies and everything was pulled together beautifully—it was a beautiful scene the whole time.”

“I was able to hear some of the sleeves and some of the costumes as they were moving around along with the music. The whole—between the music, the costumes, the sounds and the expressions of the faces, everything coming together just culminated into one beautiful performance.”

“I did not expect that [digital backdrop]. To see how well timed the performers were from when the animation came down and they popped out by the stage and they continued on seamlessly. It was almost a fantasy.”

“I’m going to be driving home and thinking about this. There maybe something color-wise or something, of course I’m gaining some inspiration from this—I think that is going to have some influence on some of my future photography.”