Photographer Captures Peak of a Meteor Shower as Sparks Are Seen Shooting Across the Sky

TIMEDecember 8, 2021

A photographer captured the incredible peak of a meteor shower—as sparks were seen shooting across the night sky.

Uroš Fink, 31, photographed the picturesque annual Perseid meteor shower from a mountain in Slovenia on Aug. 7.

“I could hardly wait for the day to come. Every year I am full of expectations to see the Perseid meteors,” Uroš said. “I kept thinking, ‘just let the weather hold out so I can capture as many meteors as possible on camera.'”

Epoch Times Photo

The amazing photo shows the colorful Milky Way dotted with nebulas as the Perseid meteors shoot across the night sky.

The petrol station salesman says he took the photo from the Mangart Saddle, the highest lying road in Slovenia.

Revealing more details about the picture, he said: “I was standing on the edge of the abyss—sometimes it’s necessary to make a little effort and go outside your comfort zone to get a top image.”

As Uroš shared the image on Instagram, he wrote: “The Core of the Milky Way is just above the Vršič pass, while on the northern side in the direction of Kranjska Gora, low above the horizon, the California nebula can already be seen.”

Meanwhile, slightly above in the belt of the Milky Way are the nebulae Heart and Soul. He also revealed that, from the right, one can see the Andromeda galaxy and a bit lower the Triangulum galaxy. Constellation Cygnus, with a large amount of red H-alpha colors, lies at the highest arch point, says Uroš.

Needless to say that the picture has gone viral amassing over 9,000 views.

Uroš admitted that he went the extra mile because he has the desire and motivation to photograph the universe in combination with nature.

“I simply adore nature and everything related to the universe—so combining these two things into one image is something invaluable,” he said.

Epoch Times Staff contributed to this report.

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