Photographer Captures a Sweet Image of Two Adorable Squirrels Sharing a Hearty Hug

September 1, 2020 Updated: September 1, 2020

Whether animals experience the feeling of love, be it friendship, romantic love, or affection, in the same way that humans do is still quite unknown. However, one quick glance at this heartwarming picture of two squirrels embracing each other will make you believe that there are some cute pairs even in the animal kingdom.

Epoch Times Photo
Two adorable squirrels engage in a warm embrace. (Caters News)

Photographer Barbora Polivkova, who hails from Pilsen, Czech Republic, was lucky to witness and capture this hearty hug while she was hoping to capture a few shots of ground squirrels in her home country.

In a series of images of squirrels that were taken in July this year, one picture that notably stood out was of a squirrel that stretches its arms and warmly cuddles the other squirrel as a show of affection. Meanwhile, the other one stretches its claws in an upward direction with its eyes widely open, welcoming the hug.

According to Caters News Agency, this adorable image was captured in the morning as the squirrels were devouring dandelions and stretching as they were ready to begin the day.

For Polivkova, she considers herself “lucky” and has actually been wanting to snap a few images of squirrels since last year.

Epoch Times Photo
(Caters News)

“I visited a place with ground squirrels last year and really liked how funny squirrels can be,” she said. “This year I wanted to photograph them with dandelions and wildflowers all around [..]”

The 42-year-old photographer expresses that she “laughs” most of the time while attempting to photograph them as they are “really funny to watch.”

Unsurprisingly, the series of images from this specific shoot, which includes the morning cuddle, a squirrel enjoying the fragrance of a flower, and another squirrel chomping on a snack, was appreciated by a lot of people.

Epoch Times Photo
A cute squirrel enjoying the smell of flowers. (Caters News)

“I received a lot of great feedback for the images, it always makes me happy knowing my work cheer people up,” Polivkova shared.

Polivkova, who has always been passionate about photography, enjoys macro photography, as that’s how she perceives the world, according to her website.

Epoch Times Photo
A squirrel chomping away. (Caters News)

“I like the small details of life that are not apparent at first sight, and you only begin to perceive them when you slow down or stop completely,” she states.

She further adds that “she loves colors and their nuances, fairy tales, and dragons, a world of fantasy and dreams.”

For Polivkova, she is glad that her work through photos can touch the observer’s eye and soul.

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