Perfume Producer: Shen Yun is ‘From Another World’

March 26, 2017

“Beautiful, colorful, feminine. The costumes were beautiful. The movements of the dancers are so feminine and beautiful and regal, [I] enjoyed looking at the movements.” 

“While I’m watching the show, [I feel] very relaxed, completely immersed in the new culture, beautiful Chinese culture. The colors, the movements, the music, it’s from another world.”

“I love the style … It’s amazing that the dancers can dance the way they do completely covered. I find it very feminine and modest, yet so beautiful … It really transfers an emotion, and the emotion is beautiful.

“I was trying to see what they’re trying to convey, but it’s in such a gentle, soft way that you have to kind of sit with it. It’s not impactful in a way that you get it immediately. There is something about it that kind of sits with you and connects over time.”

“I would definitely recommend [to others]. I brought with me three friends … I know they enjoyed it.”

(To Shen Yun performers) “Thank you very much for the performance, for the efforts, to travel, to come all the way here and share with us beautiful culture.”