Performing Artists and Chinese Enjoy Show

By Luke Buthman
Luke Buthman
Luke Buthman
January 4, 2009 Updated: January 6, 2009

PASADENA, Calif.—Divine Performing Arts received an enthusiastic reception on Sunday at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Two professional performers and a couple expressed their impressions.

Stacy, a stage actress, said, “The movement is very precise and delicate and intricate. [There was] a lot of good storytelling through the movement.”

Citing her favorite dances, she said, “Actually, the last one, [Drummers of the Tang Court], and the other one with the girls and the drumming [Dragon Springs Drummers]. The drumming is really intense and really great to watch. The drums are my favorite.”

She said that she had never seen a show like this one.

Elani, a singer, said, “The technology was great, the way they had it timed so that the person leapt up on the stage, then disappeared up onto the mountain, and then the mountain fell down. … Everything is so perfectly timed and beautiful. Yes, not only the performers, but the whole thing, the set, the setting–was great”

Mr. Wolin, a mortgage underwriter, and his Chinese wife, just over here from China, also came to the Sunday performance.

Mr. Wolin had bought tickets as a treat for his wife, and was enjoying it himself. “I think it’s great. The dancing’s really fluid. I really enjoy the music, and the stories.”

His favorite dance was Flowing Sleeves. “It’s really pretty … everything flowed very beautifully. The whole, elegance—elegance is the word—it was so elegant.

Wendy’s favorite dance was Li Bai. “I just liked the artistic concept of it. The poems and lyrics and the artistic effect on the entire stage."
Mr. Wolin had some thoughts about one of the messages being expressed in the performance: “My wife, she tells me about this group of people [Falun Gong]. She’s here three months from the mainland. For me, living in America, I’m happy to see that people can express themselves freely.

"So this show makes me feel a little bit this way—you know what I mean? [Where] I grew up, people can express themselves, and they don’t have to worry."

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Luke Buthman
Luke Buthman