Parent Committee President Believes Youngsters Would Know the Importance of Morality After Shen Yun

March 5, 2017

“Seeing the costumes and the backdrop together, I was touched by the beauty while having a soothing feeling at what I saw.” 


“I want to be a good mother, because I believe today’s children are very different from what we were like [when we were little]. So, I believe children will improve their morality by watching this performance.” 


“At first I was worried that my [7th-grade] son wouldn’t be able to sit still. However, it turned out to be a total surprise. He was very quiet throughout the entire performance. And after the performance, he applauded emphatically. [His behavior] was really out of my expectation.” 


“I nearly cried seeing the story about truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. A perfectly good family was destroyed, but she was able to find out about her parents because of her faith. This part was very stunning, and I was very moved by it.” 

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