Drawing With Pancake Batter: How to Make the Coolest Pancakes Ever

By Benjamin Kim
Benjamin Kim
Benjamin Kim
June 1, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Nathan Shields is a pancake artist. He wears many hats, however: he’s an illustrator, a math teacher, and a dad. His children, Gryphon and Alice, have fun making pancake beetles or sharks or creative designs of their own, such as Gryphon’s “adapted Jolly Roger featuring Darth Vader and two light sabers.”

Shields takes the art to another level with detailed portraits—Star Trek stars, for example—but anyone can make simple designs with his simple method. 

For pancake adventure episodes with the adorable Alice and Gryphon:

You can follow Nathan on Twitter, to suggest new ideas for pancakes and to see his new creations. 

For more of his work, see his website

Benjamin Kim