Painter Loves the Principles Presented in Shen Yun

February 27, 2017

“What is best about the show is seeing truthfulness, compassion and tolerance in action. Now morality has hit a low point in society. If we could better promote Shen Yun, and have more youngsters come to see it, it would surely bring back people’s conscience and help them to find their true nature. I believe this would change the society for the better.”

“The dance was beyond all praise. It was just superb. This wonderful show should not be available only in Taiwan. China has such a large population. I hope that Shen Yun can go to China and awaken the mainland Chinese people’s conscience.”

“I was part of a Chinese music orchestra for over 20 years, and our orchestra often toured China. Today, I was truly touched by this music combination of East and West.”

“The whole show is about helping me to reflect on myself. I am sure if others put their heart into enjoying this show, they would get out more, much more than visual [gratification].”