Owners Fashion Custom Raincoats for Their Dogs to Walk in the Rain

June 26, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

Probably not many people like the smell of wet dog. However, many pet-lovers also can be met with a weather based conundrum: What to do on a rainy day when the pooch needs a walk?

Though specialized doggy raincoats exist for purchase, some individuals on Chinese social media have taken a slightly cheaper approach to keeping their pups dry in wet weather.

User “Everyday A Dog” on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, shared a video of several hand-made rain gear. In reality, many of the outfits did not go beyond clever fittings of plastic bags.

One of the larger dogs was made to wear something to cover its entire body.

What appears to be a fluffy white pup has a bright orange full-body jacket, a mask cut out of a plastic shopping bag, and even black shoes.

Another smaller and popular canine in China, the brown Teddy Bear Dog, is shown with a simpler covering as it walks through a puddle.

The brightly colored rain-covers are likely just plastic bags.

One well behaved pooch was seen sitting in the back of its owner’s bicycle, fully covered, except for its snout.

The orange plastic is a disposable raincoat common in China, as many people are unable to afford a car and must go out and brave the rain.

One small pup, wrapped in a plastic material, sits by its owner as they enjoy lunch.

Another pooch appears to have a more specialized coat as it heads out for a night time walk.

The bright green coverings appear to be specially made for animals, but its tail is still bunched into a red plastic bag.

One pup may not be fully prepared to go out, as its green rain coat is not on all the way.

The bandanna around its neck reads: “I’m not a Husky.”