Over 250 Dairy Queen Drive-Thru Customers Pay for Each Other’s Orders in Virginia

September 30, 2020 Updated: September 30, 2020

We’ve all heard of it happening on the internet before. Acts of kindness and people “paying it forward.” But have you ever witnessed it for yourself?

Well it happened—and happened BIG TIME—at a Dairy Queen drive-through in Gretna, Virginia, earlier this month.

Epoch Times Photo
(Illustration – Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock)

According to general manager Janie Fleck, it started around 7 a.m. Friday, Sept. 18, when a driver paid for the order of the person in line behind them—a legit, viral act of kindness that was highly contagious and continued for hours afterward.

The Dairy Queen’s drive-through customers continued paying for frozen treats and meals for the people behind them for seven hours, Fleck said.

A total of 256 patrons paid it forward in the end during that amazing day, FOX 8 reported.

“It definitely made my day, and I hope it makes somebody else’s behind me. That’s for sure,” Stacy Hodges, a customer, told ABC 13.