Orphan Finds out Family Wants Him

April 26, 2019 Updated: April 26, 2019

Growing up alone with very dower hopes in Columbia, a young orphan named Sebastian grew up with very limited aspirations for a family until the Barkey family in the United States changed this young boy’s life forever. Part of an adoption program where the potential adopting family could meet and spend time with a child in need, Sebastian had to return to Columbia after spending the summer in the United States until the Barkey’s could receive approval from the Columbian government to keep Sebastian with them for good.

As they shed tears with Sebastian at the airport, the Barkey’s knew in their heart that Sebastian would join family very soon. Eventually, after receiving the news they could bring Sebastian back to the United States to adopt him for good, the Barkey’s couldn’t wait to let Sebastian know of the good news. Recording a video clip of the very special announcement, adoption staff played the family announcement for Sebastian, who cried out tears of joy knowing he would finally get to spend the rest of his childhood with his American family he loved so dearly.

“I finally have a family who I will stay with my whole life,” Sebastian said to the staffer holding the phone which showed the family announcement, “I hope to be there very soon.”