Orchestra Director: Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra Opens the Window of the Soul

September 27, 2017

“Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra opens the window of the soul, letting us feel god’s calling in the bottom of our hearts and bringing us to the state of being relaxed physically and mentally.”

“It’s hard to produce and perform the music that can touch the human heart. But when seeing the performance physically today, I was totally carried away by the music as soon as it was performed. It was truly fantastic.”

“It inspires human’s wisdom in music and arts. It is a feast of music.”

“As Shen Yun’s music touches people around the world, the music is a cultural treasure of the entire world.”

“Nowadays, people are living a busy life, they are in fact very nervous physically and spiritually. So they need the music like what Shen Yun performs to comfort their body and mind. We should listen to this kind of music more.”

“Today, I listened attentively from the first piece to the last one. I found that the tacit agreement between the conductor and all the orchestra members was excellent. The violin concerto and the soprano’s vocal solo were full of emotion from the bottom of their hearts, which is something not easy to come by.”

“I think Shen Yun deserves its reputation of “divine beauty.”


“I was truly touched—it’s really magnificent!”