Orchestra Artistic Director and Conductor Likes the Uniqueness of the Shen Yun Orchestra

April 29, 2018

“It is the first time I heard the Chinese orchestra like this and I recognize Western instruments being used, the style and the type has a lot of high trebles, things that I recognize as unique to this kind of orchestra.”

“There are a lot of similarities to Western music. But there is also a very strong tradition that is very unique—so yes, I like it.”

“The soprano said it best, that we have our uniqueness, that comes to a center, that is something we all share, that we all have in common, that is a kind of peace, and working together, that message is universal.”

“The dancing, the color, it is just phenomenal. … I really enjoy that it comes through a medium of the history, of what is, and what was Chinese history. So it is educational in that regard. But there are a lot of nuances that repeat in other cultures that I see, like the monk with the monkey, this sort of thing, how you have two extremes of mentalities, saving the world.”

“I love the energy and the action. The sleeves dance is just amazing, how it has this burst of colors, and such precision and uniqueness, I mean, precision and agility—it is just amazing that comes through very beautifully.”