Opera Singer Says ‘Shen Yun was over much too fast’

May 10, 2017

“Shen Yun is a fabulous phenomenon, given the cultural aspect and the humor shown in some of the scenes. Kudos to these young artists.”

“As an artist, I know of the training these performers have to undertake, as well of their extraordinary talent, that allows them to excel and dazzle the audience.”

“Not only the performers, but also the orchestra was outstanding. The young tenor had a strong and absolute fabulous voice. His voice filled the entire venue.”

“The young girl who played the two-string [erhu] instrument was exceptional. It was an instrument which tone I never had the privilege to hear before. It was outstanding and amazing.”

“I enjoyed a successful, fascinating and wonderful evening at the theater, and my son and I will attend another Shen Yun performance tomorrow.”

“Shen Yun was over much too fast. I could have watched and listened for another hour.”