On-the-Go Fitness: Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation or Business Trips

Suggestions for when the hotel gym is a closet with a pogo stick
BY Bill Lindsey TIMEJune 18, 2022 PRINT

Because staying fit is a commitment that shouldn’t be paused while you’re on the road on vacation or during business trips, we’ve collected some innovative, yet compact workout gear to convert your hotel room into a gym.

Jumping Jack Flash

(Courtesy of Crossrope)

Crossrope Get Fit Bundle


Prior to a fight, boxers use jump ropes to amp up their cardiovascular systems and improve stamina, which are two important health benefits for anyone. This high-tech set includes four progressively heavier quick-connect ropes and two handle sets to ensure a full-body workout.

Instant Agility

(Courtesy of Sklz)

Sklz Quick Ladder


This is the in-room equivalent of the running drills through truck tires used by athletes, without the danger of tripping and falling. It’s an ideal way for tennis and hockey players—and everyone else—to train for improved acceleration, more lateral speed, and greater balance.

Get A-Round to Exercise

(Courtesy of Gaiam)

Gaiam Restore Strong Back Stability Ball


Stability balls are perfect for low-impact training; all you need to use them is the included hand pump and a bit of open floor area. This is ideal for beginners or hard-core fitness buffs to do sit-ups, push-ups, and many other routines to strengthen your back and improve balance.

Slide to Fitness

(Courtesy of Sklz)

Sklz Slidez


These convert a hotel room floor into a gym, using your body weight to deliver a very thorough resistance training experience. Designed to work on virtually any surface, including carpeting, it provides a high-intensity, low-impact routine to burn calories, build core strength, improve flexibility, and provide cardio benefits.

Burn Fat, Not Rubber

(Courtesy of TheFitLife)

TheFitLife Resistance Bands


This virtual gym in a bag is an effective way to burn off calories and fat while providing up to 150 pounds of resistance to improve muscle tone without bulky weights. A wide variety of routines lets you work the entire body as well as specific areas.

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