Now Open in NYC: February

February 22, 2012 Updated: August 14, 2015

Those who’ve been to Vancouver and have tried a Japadog have wondered, asked, waited, and now it’s finally here—Japadog is now open in NYC, serving up its Japanese-inspired hot dogs with traditional Japanese toppings and flavorings.

A Japanese couple who migrated to Canada started the Japanese hot-dog concept there in 2005. Three hot-dog carts plus three stores later—the newest one in NYC—they are creating their North American dream.

Although they do serve traditional hot dogs, you will definitely want to try their Nipon-style dogs like the Terimayo—a hot dog covered in Teriyaki sauce, mayo, and seaweed. Their Negimiso dog is a Turkey-sausage dog covered in miso sauce and topped with shredded cabbage, among other toppings. Located at 30 St. Marks Place, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

Ever wondered what Mexico’s restaurants would look like if they were created in New York City? Visit newly opened bodega-style Tortaria to find out. According to the owners, this Mexican-style sandwich shop specializes in making tortas and taquitos from scratch with fresh, authentic Mexican ingredients.

The torta is essentially a Mexican meat sandwich cooked on a griddle and typically served with Mexican condiments like avocado, onion, jalapeño, cilantro, and cheeses like Oaxaca, Chihuahua, and a farmer’s cheese called queso fresco.

Tortaria also offers hard-to-find, hand-pressed corn masa tortillas for their taquitos, and sells grocery items typically found in a small Mexican store. Impressive! Located at 94 University Place, between East 11th and 12th streets.

Although it still has the same name, restaurant ACME can very well get the designation of a new opening. The once Southern and Cajun cuisine eatery has undergone a complete transformation and now serves Scandinavian and New American cuisine.

Opened by Michelin star-rated chef Mads Refslund, the place is worth investigating. According to bloggers Jose Moran Moya and Elise Porter on, “Having Mads cooking in New York is probably the most exciting restaurant opening in the last 2–3 years in New York.” They made reservations, but Mads was not cooking that night. The hipsters enjoyed it anyway.

The menu is not available on the website yet; nevertheless, the hipsters had Duck in a Jar (“very strong, but good”), hay-roasted Jerusalem artichokes with black truffles (Jose’s favorite, “very light and great texture”), and pearl barley and clams (“Elise’s favorite. Great dish!”). Located at 9 Great Jones Street, by Lafayette Street.

Sure, you won’t be surprised to learn a new pizza place has opened in NYC, but for those seeking the quintessential Gotham pizza pie, Prince St. Pizza is worth a try. Located in SoHo, the place features an in-house favorite called SoHo squares. There are five kinds of squares, named after various streets in the neighborhood the owner grew up in. The owner promises to keep the menu simple, because he wanted “to make sure everything we serve is the best in New York.”

The place has a little bit of history. The previous tenant was Ray’s Pizza, first operated by the Luchese crime family member Ralph Cuomo. But don’t let that stop you from visiting.

It’s a small place, with seating for 12. They do offer curbside pickup for those looking to pick up a pie to take home. Located at 27 Prince Street, by Mott Street.