Non-Speaking Teen Writes Moving Letter to Police Explaining Autism

By Sherley Boursiquot, Epoch Times
May 23, 2016 Updated: May 23, 2016

Gordy Baylinson of Potomac, Maryland, has severe autism that makes him unable to speak. He was diagnosed with autism when he was just 17 months old.

Recently, the young man wrote a letter to police during one of his sessions at Autism Safety Fair for Montgomery County to explain what it is like to be autistic.

“You see life for me and others like me is a daily game, except not fun, of tug-of-war. My brain, which is much like yours, knows what it wants and how to make that clear. My body, which is much like a drunken, almost six foot toddler, resists,” the boy wrote in a letter to Officer Laurie Reyes, a police officer running the Autism Safety Fair in Maryland.

According to Fox 5, Baylinson’s family said he just recently started to share what has been on his mind since he started his therapy sessions last year.

“This letter is not a cry for pity, pity is not what I’m looking for. I love myself just the way I am, drunken toddler body and all. This letter is, however, a cry for attention, recognition and acceptance,” Baylinson said.

Officer Laurie Reyes responded back to Baylinson’s letter and said she wants to meet him and his family at the next event that is set to take place in December.

“I would love to meet all of you. I would love to have the letter read and Gordy be present for my recruits instruction,” Reyes wrote.

“Thanks for making my night,” she said about Baylinson’s letter. 

Gordy’s parents told TODAY that they didn’t know their son was so aware of his surroundings. 

“We had no clue…and here he is writing this eloquent, even funny letter, with such empathy,” his dad, Evan Baylinson, told TODAY.

“We were just floored, completely floored.”