Nike Elephant Shoe: Largest Ever Made by Company (+Photo)

April 30, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Nike elephant shoe: The largest shoe Nike ever produced was for an elephant who had one leg shorter than the others.

The public relations director for Nike, Heidi Burgett, sent out a tweet of the shoe encased behind glass, explaining why the company decided to make it. “Nike fitted him w/ lifts,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Daily Mail reported that the elephant in question had difficulty with its balance, giving a reason to make the shoe.

The sneaker, made out of leather, looks similar to the skin of an elephant.

Nike did not elaborate on when the shoe was made or the size of the shoe.

Instagram user “Joelpdx” also tweeted the shoe, saying it was made for “Bandula the elephant,” and added that due to her leg condition, she was developing arthritis.