New Jersey Father Hilariously Poses as a Mannequin to Surprise His Special-Needs Son

March 4, 2019 Updated: March 15, 2019

A family indeed is not just an important thing; it is everything. They are the ones you share both joy and sorrow with, and thus you wouldn’t mind going the extra mile to see them happy. This New Jersey dad didn’t mind posing as a mannequin to make his special-needs son’s day at the mall.

Rich Houck and his wife, Jennifer Hasson-Houck, are proud parents of four sons.

The family endured a challenging time when one of their sons, Jacob, suddenly developed a brain tumor at the early age of 4 and almost died.

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Rich told CBS in an interview: “It usually takes life before the age of two, he’s not supposed to be here. We are enjoying every day we got with him.”

The result of the trauma has left its scars on Jacob. Now a young man of 21, he is a special-needs person.

But the family’s love has only grown stronger through their ordeals, and they thus often engage in thinking of creative ways to lift Jacob’s spirits. Seeing him happy is surely one their rewards.

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A moment by Rich to bring his son joy not only made him smile but also left many shoppers highly entertained by his cute shenanigans.

While strolling around in Deptford Mall with Jacob and his mother, Rich secretly sneaks away and makes an attempt to convince the assistant manager of Buckle, Nicole Prodin, to let him pose on the window display.

There's no place like Deptford Mall for back-to-school shopping.

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The loving father came out saying: “Hey, can I ask a favor? My son has special needs and I wanna make him laugh. I’d like to pose in your window, if possible…”

Prodin was delighted. She thought it was an excellent idea and let him start the show, but not before pushing the record button on her cellphone.

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As Jennifer and Jacob walk by, they look for Rich all around.

“There he is!” Jacob points at the store window enthusiastically.

Rich acts like a clown amongst the shoes and garments for his son’s benefit.

People start gathering around hoping to get a glimpse of Rich’s hilarious performance in the window display.

The happy Jacob runs and takes the stage with his dad.

“I was surprised to see the reaction of the people at the mall,” Rich said.

Prodin also added, “The whole mall was stopping to watch the action and it clearly didn’t just make my entire night.”

Met Bruce Gordon tonight. They made a trip to Buckle to do an interview. I was just the face behind the post but so excited for the Houck family’s story to be told 💕

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Not only did it make the night of Prodin and all who witnessed the adorable show that evening, but Prodin was also really impressed with Rich’s shot at making his son laugh.

She immediately shared the video on Facebook with this caption, “You guys, my night was made tonight by a man who is such a great father.”

The video has since gone viral and charmed social media users.

I cannot keep up with all the love and friend requests from the Houck Family post! I am so thankful to have met them and…

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“What a fantastic dad!! Loved it. How lucky your son is to have you as his dad!” one wrote.

Another commented, “That is what life is about, the small stuff.”

Indeed, moments like these are truly ones to cherish.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

You guys, my night was made tonight by a man who is such a great father. He came into Buckle and said “Hey can I ask a…

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