Nancy Brock ‘Felt the Heavens Opening’ at Shen Yun

March 8, 2017

“I feel like every single human being needs to see this show. Those who don’t have sight need to hear it because [of] not only the inspiration there, but [also] the true history, and I doubt that there are that many people worldwide that are aware of this history.”


“I felt the heavens opening. It’s a feeling I got. Of course the artistry projected that, but I really felt it.”


“I was reading in the papers about how many people were so spiritually uplifted, and that’s one of the reasons why I came. I was curious about how they could get those feelings, so intense, and now I saw it for myself, and it’s absolutely true.”


“My heart felt very full, and it felt like a blossom. It was just like a blossom opening up and to me. That is a symbol of what it feels like—what heaven would feel like and a tremendous amount of love.”


“The choreography was gorgeous, and the costuming so vivid and just larger than life. Everything was larger than life—just making life feel bigger than it even is. … I feel like I’m being too effusive here, but I really want to get my point across that again every single human being on this earth should see this.”


“[The music] is just heavenly. It comes to mind again—I’m going to start crying. I’m sorry, it’s really tears of joy.”


“It’s one of the happiest evenings of my life. All my cares just disappeared, and I became 100 percent positive-thinking.”