Mystery Creature in Woman’s Can of Tuna Possibly Identified (Video)

BY Epoch Video TIMEFebruary 7, 2015 PRINT

Usually opening a can of tuna is a fairly mundane task. However last month, a mother in Nottingham, UK got a not-so-pleasant surprise inside her can and now the mystery creature that she discovered has been identified.

According to the Nottingham Post, it’s something called a megalopa, which is described as an “immature crab” that is often eaten by tuna. The megalopa had been nestled in between Princes tuna chunks when the woman, Zoe Butler, first saw it’s dark eyes staring up at her.

A spokesperson for Princes told the Nottingham Post, “We appreciate that the appearance of the crab will have been unpleasant. However, please be assured that it represented no food safety risk.”

The company reportedly launched an investigation to determine the species after pictures of it surfaced.

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