MV Director: Shen Yun Revives Traditional Chinese Culture

May 5, 2015

DAEGU, South Korea—MV director Lee Sagan praised Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company for the revival and rescue of traditional Chinese culture.

“Shen Yun performs excellently, beyond all expectation! A display of profundity, Shen Yun is a delight to the eyes,” she said. “They (performers) are really very excellent. In terms of stage props, costumes and music and all aspects of it, I have a lot to learn.”

After watching the first of three Shen Yun Performances held at Suseong Artpia, Daegu, on May 3, Ms. Lee said she had come to understand classical Chinese dance, particularly with the introduction of each program by the emcees.

“They enabled me to understand, for example, many gymnastic and acrobatic skills originated from classical Chinese dance. This is what I didn’t know, therefore, I have great respect for classical Chinese dance.”

As an MV director, Ms. Lee recalled the story-dance The Fable of the Magic Brush.

“I really like all kinds of innovation drawn by pen and the program links all inspiring ideas.

“All the performers look as light as swallows, Ms. Lee continued. When I saw their vigorous dancing images, I couldn’t [help] but gaze in admiration. I was told the production designer for Avatar highly praised (Shen Yun. It’s very understandable since the (Shen Yun) team is excellent.”

Through classical Chinese dance, the gestures and facial expressions of the performers, Shen Yun clearly reveals the story plot without a spoken line, Ms. Lee said.

“Besides, the length of each program is similar to that of an MV, so I drew lots of inspiration from it [performance].”

Miss Lee said during the latter half of the show, she completely indulged herself.

“I think every audience member must have learned a lot. Besides, since it is a performance without any lines, I think anyone, like me, can come to the show with their family. It’s suitable and beneficial for young and old alike,” she said.

Branch Head of Dance Association: ‘Ingenious Choreography’

Xin Hye Jin, head of the branch of Korean Dance Association in Gyeryong city, attended Shen Yun's first performance at Suseong Artpia, Daegu on the evening of May 3, 2015. (Jung Ingwon/Epoch Times)
Xin Hye Jin, head of the branch of Korean Dance Association in Gyeryong city, attended Shen Yun’s first performance at Suseong Artpia, Daegu on the evening of May 3, 2015. (Jung Ingwon/Epoch Times)

Xin Hye Jin, head of the branch of the Korean Dance Association in Gyeryong city, said Shen Yun Performing Arts New York company’s classical Chinese dance and music presentation was quite different from Korean traditional dance.

“As the curtain rose, my eyes first rested on the gorgeous costumes,” said Ms. Xin.

She was also deeply impressed with the high-tech animated backdrops, she said.

“The integration of animated backdrops into the stage performance is never seen in Korea. All of my colleagues who came to the show with me all marveled at the perfect match between dance, music and backdrops.”

She praised Shen Yun’s dance skills as “remarkably excellent,” and choreography as “ingenious.”

‘It’s very remarkable!’

An anonymous former media commentator said, Shen Yun is a show of novelty, presenting traditional culture with high-tech advances to make the performance more life-like and vigorous.

“There is no need of a [spoken] line with messages expressed through body movements. It’s very remarkable!” he said.

“I could sense refreshing vigor flowing to many of the audience, amid the quick rhythm of the show. That is, a flow of vigor brightens up people’s minds and allows them to spiritually anticipate [in] a new world. That is a world of brilliance, hopes and mutual help,” said the commentator.

“The Shen Yun show implies the world is endlessly changing, and that there will be a great, unprecedented change in the future and the arrival of a new and hopeful world,” he said.

Through watching Shen Yun, the commentator came to realize that in the beautiful world of the future, “evil will be naturally eliminated,” he said.

Reporting by Epoch Times Staff and Amy Hsu

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