Musician in Awe of Shen Yun

March 29, 2017

“I love that we have a real orchestra here playing, and the music’s beautiful, and it’s very inspiring. The dance goes so wonderfully with it.”

“I’m the sort of a person who loves traditional things, even in my own music, and then when I see this, this is sort of like for a lot of people, a lost art … This is all live, this is real dancing, there’s no tricks, this is all real. It’s a beautiful form of art that in my opinion feels like it’s a little bit lost, and now the fact that this is happening, a lot of people are introduced to it. There’re some young kids here tonight, so hopefully that will give them some kind of impression for their own future.” 

“It touches me in a lot of ways, because you can see the struggle of good and bad in it and how it’s really important for people to try and be good and to understand that  it will overcome all the evil.” 

“I think [the mixture of Chinese and Western instruments] works very well together. It sounds great. I was telling my mom we are so lucky to be able to see a musical like this and a dance show with an orchestra. It’s wonderful. It’s a beautiful thing.” 

“Every year this is different. It’s so wonderful that the choreographers are putting new things out there, and the way that they’re put together. The dancers are so beautiful and so accomplished. For us, we’re a little in awe watching it.”

“I would recommend it to anybody … It’s good for everybody’s life to be able to see something like this. I think it will open people’s eyes … I think it’s very important for us as human beings to be able to come together to see things like this and share.”