Musician and Family See Two Consecutive Shen Yun Shows

April 20, 2011 Updated: April 23, 2011

LUDWIGSBURG, Germany—Mr. Kaspar-Laurenz Maertig, solo trumpeter with the NDR Radiophilharmonia, one of the most esteemed German-radio orchestras, saw Shen Yun’s opening show on April 20 with his wife and brother.

His brother is a solo accompanist and is a conductor at the Opernhaus Essen (Essen Opera House).

The next day, April 21, they came back to see New-York based Shen Yun Performing Arts’ closing show at the Forum am Schlosspark in Ludwigsburg.

“I returned today because of the orchestra. The second time around we were even more impressed than yesterday. This could be because we saw the show for the second time. We already had decided before seeing the show the first time that we would also see the next day’s show,” Mr. Maertig said.

They wanted to see the show two times in a row because they had heard that it was a very interesting show and also because it was Shen Yun’s final show in Germany for the 2011 world tour.

Mr. Maertig loved the dances: “The dances were very colorful, and we thought them to be highly interesting, very acrobatic, and they are performed at an extremely high level. For us, this was spectacular and very impressive.”

His brother, who has received great reviews for playing the horn and piano, said: “For all of us, it was quite unusual to listen to the combination of Eastern and Western instruments. We had never heard such music. As our background is classical Western music, this it totally new territory for us.”

“The combined instruments played very well together, and it was a clean playing. Despite some parts being difficult to play, they were played very well.”

He said that the previous evening they had looked at the overall picture, and today they looked and listened to the separate parts of the performance.

Ms. Maertig, a graduate of Nurnberg University, was as impressed as the two men in her family.

“The violins played very well together—great playing. … It will take a few days to remember what I have heard today. It is difficult to remember everything at this time.

“I cried because everything not only affects China, but the entire world,” she said.

Ms. Maetig’s mother had come with them to the show and said that she was very touched by what she had seen and heard: “What has touched me deeply were the scenes No Regrets and Plum Blossom."

“I saw the show for the first time today, and I can only say it is daunting. One must see this show often, not just once. Although it sounds cheesy, goodness will always be victorious.”

Like her daughter, she said, “I was so touched that I had to cry.”

The dance No Regrets showed her “a miracle.” “The heavens opened up and divine beings appeared. A miracle happened. Righteousness, love, and compassion won out. The heavens opened, and the woman’s son appears. One can’t just describe this in mere words. One has to understand this. This is how I look at it.”

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