Musical Theater Director Experiences Joy at Shen Yun

April 25, 2018

“We loved it. We absolutely loved it. I found the synchronicity of the dancers so extraordinary. Because I was trained as a dancer years ago, I find it amazing that they can do everything so incredibly, perfectly together. Not to mention their gracefulness, and the storyline and the beauty, absolutely beautiful. The visuals, the humor, the timing—really amazing.”

“The erhu was gorgeous. The soprano, I loved her. The orchestra is fantastic. The drama of it, and the comedy, too, because it has got all of that. It got the storyline and the projection [digital backdrop]—I love that.”

“Their faces are so beautiful and handsome and so alive. … Joy, I say, Joy, absolutely [while watching the performance].”

“The message of harmony and peace and understanding—I think it is very beautiful.”