Music Teacher Says Shen Yun’s Beauty Is Divine

April 27, 2017

“I will come to this show here next year and tell my family and friends to come see it because it’s so wonderful. The ancient Chinese [culture] seems to be unknown to us but is very beautiful. I found the music very beautiful too, the soloist and erhu particularly.”

“I will try to know more about the erhu and traditional instruments. I would like to see schools for this in France for the kids because when I was young, there was only classical Western dance. [In Shen Yun], it’s dance with spirituality, and also very good for the heart and the spirit.”

“It was like a trip, and I don’t feel in France right now. The songs and the lyrics were exceptional. I was very surprised because I thought it would be great, but this exceptional voice [the tenor] was beyond my expectation.”

“I was very impressed by the message too—it was very convincing and emotional. He shared his emotions and vocal techniques. The power of his voice was very impressive. It’s great to have both music—soloists’ music and dance. It’s more than a show. I don’t know how to express it.”

“I was very impressed by the divine message and so surprised because I’m a Catholic. … These values are similar to those of Catholics. … It was very great that the beauty is divine.”