Music Professor: Shen Yun’s East and West Orchestra has a ‘Special Sound’

February 24, 2017

“I like the Chinese instruments, I love the Chinese flute. The way the instruments caress the musical tones, they flirt around the little umbrellas—things like that, it’s very expressive.”

“I think it sounds really good, very together, very tight. And the dancing with the music is very synchronised, very together.”

“As a musician from the West, I just find Chinese music and Chinese songs—there’s a certain expressiveness that I really enjoy. … I used to think they were more penatonic based on more 5 tone scales, the Western music is based on 7 tones scales. So when you emphasize more—5 tones—you would think you would lack something but it actually makes it more expressive in a certain way. Because those 5 tones are more important than the 7. Sometimes the way they slide from a note—just seems different in Chinese music.”

“I really like the Chinese dancing, it’s really beautiful, the costumes. Again, it’s different from the West, for me it’s beautiful.”

“It’s a beautiful combination of East and West because you still have the Western type orchestra but you’ve got some Chinese instruments, it gives it a really special effect—special sound.”