‘Music is the golden key to everyone’s heart,’ Says Musician After Watching Shen Yun

March 26, 2017

“Absolutely beautiful – mesmerizing. The music was going through me. The combination of Western and Chinese influence was beautiful. The musicianship was superb, and the connection with the dancers, the imagery, was beautiful – magical.”

“Everything impressed me. … The costumes were beautiful, and how the dancers just float in sync with the music. The music just kept blowing me away – how beautiful they play, [and] how in sync they were with the dancers.”

“I love to compose music, and it’s very inspiring when you hear great music, when you hear great musicianship. You want to go home and [say], ‘It’s time to practice; we’ve got more practicing to do, and do some more composing.’ 

“It makes you feel good, too. It’s a good feeling that comes inside you when you hear good music. I love that about it.”

“Music is a powerful tool. Music is the golden key to everyone’s heart. It’s a universal language. You can’t misunderstand it.” 

“I would highly recommend it. If you’re feeling sad in your life, and you’re having trouble connecting, this is something that will bring happiness to you. You can walk out of here feeling good and beautiful just because of the feeling you get from watching the show.”

“You walk out feeling alive, like you’re floating. I feel good. And also, it makes you appreciate even more Chinese culture.”