MP Praises Shen Yun’s Spiritual Dimension, Rich Symbolism

January 6, 2018

“It’s a great experience. I’m really enjoying it. The dance is phenomenal. There’s a lot of great diversity in terms of seeing different kinds of dances from different time periods and representing different subcultures within China.”

“It’s wonderful that we can see this kind of presentation showing China’s ancient and beautiful culture. Tragic, of course, the repression of that culture that we see under the communists today in China, but we’re certainly blessed to be able to experience it here in Toronto.”

“It’s fascinating. It’s beautiful, and I’ve never seen the same level of interaction between the [animated backdrop] and the dancers, how at certain times the effect is such that the dancers jump into the screen and fly up into the sky and then come off the screen. That’s extremely well done. I’ve never seen quite that effect.

“The dancing is so intricate. Clearly every movement carefully practiced. It’s incredible to see the effect created by that, the intricateness of every aspect of the presentation.”

“Certainly the spiritual dimension that’s brought out through the dances is very interesting. … Communism is a very materialistic philosophy that suggests that all we are is the physical, but it’s very clear from this presentation how at odds that is with the traditional Chinese culture, which is very much reflective of a sense that there is a deeper spiritual reality, and that contrast is quite evident. The rich symbolism in the dancing and how deep it seems to go—I think probably deeper than one can fully understand at first sight—but there’s an evident richness there that makes one want to dig deeper and learn more.”

“It’s great [for Shen Yun to] spread this message that there is an alternative, that there is a traditional Chinese culture that recognizes the spiritual dimension of the human person. That’s an important message and I’m glad to hear that work is being done to spread that message.”

“I’d encourage anyone who has the opportunity to come to see the show. We’re here in Toronto. I’m not from Toronto, I’m a member of Parliament from Alberta, but I’m able to be here for this. And I understand that there are shows available across the country.”