Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

May 10, 2012 Updated: May 10, 2012

As spring reaches its full bloom, Mother’s Day is fast approaching in celebration of the world’s mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds. For Mother’s Day this Sunday, besides a nice pink card from the drug store around the corner, mothers would also appreciate the following gifts on their special day, ranging from flowers for traditional mothers to gadgets for tech-savvy mothers.

Carnation: Carnations have become an integral part of this special day for its representation of delicacy, durability, and delightfulness. Whether it is a bundle of pale pink or peach to match the color scheme of the holiday or a bundle of cheerful yellow, purple, and even green would sure bring any mother to a happy smile.

Fragrance: Every woman would appreciate a nice spring/summer fragrance as the season arrives. You could pick from new summer fragrances such as Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh and Jennifer Aniston or all-time classics such as Christian Dior’s J’adore and Chanel No. 5. To put icing on the cake, unlike buying your mother beautiful dresses, you would never have to ask her for her current size.

Tablet: Times have changed for the younger generations, but mothers are also catching up on the trend. Mothers not only want traditional motherly gifts this year, but according to a recent poll they are also craving for tablets such as Apple’s iPads and other gadgets like a camera or a smartphone.

Spa Gift Certificate: If you have a busy mother who is ambitious, energetic, and career-oriented, what she needs the most might be a quiet spa hour with a certificate from you.