9 Photos of the Most Wondrous Night Skies

March 11, 2014 Updated: June 14, 2017

Astrophotographer Brendan Alexander was born in 1986 and lived his entire life in Killygordon, East Donegal, Ireland. His interest in the night sky began in his childhood and grew as he began to capture significant astronomical events in his photos. 

His photos have been featured by the BBC, The Irish Times, and NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. 

One of Alexander’s favorite things to do is to chase the Northern Lights. 

To see more of Alexander’s photos, visit his website, Donegal Skies

Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis (Brendan Alexander)

Orion Constellation
Orion constellation (Brendan Alexander)

Star Trails
Star trails (Brendan Alexander)

Red Moon
Red moon (Brendan Alexander)

Dark Side of The Moon
Dark side of the moon (Brendan Alexander)

Aurora Borealis
(Brendan Alexander)

Lunar Eclipse
Lunar eclipse (Brendan Alexander)

Starry Night
Starry night (Brendan Alexander)

Pink on the Horizon
(Brendan Alexander)