Mom Thinks She’s Carrying Twins, Delivers 12.61lb Baby Half the Weight of a Gold Bar

September 14, 2019 Updated: September 14, 2019

When a mom from Brazil was pregnant with her fourth child, her belly got so big that she thought she was having twins. But it turned out to be a gigantic baby girl, who broke the hospital’s record for the largest newborn.

Maira Trevisan, from Brazil, gave birth to a colossal baby who weighed a whopping 12.61 pounds (5.72 kg), almost twice the size of an average newborn and around half the weight of a gold bar.

For your information, the average newborn typically weighs seven-and-a-half pounds (approx. 3.4 kg) at birth, according to the American Pregnancy Organization. So, the baby girl, named Gabrielly Trevisan Ferreira, was really big!

“The nurses haven’t stopped taking pictures with Gabrielly. She’s become a bit of a celebrity because they've never seen anything like it.”

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Gabrielly, who was born at Cascavel University Hospital in Parana in southern Brazil on Sept. 19, 2017, broke the hospital’s 27-year previous record of 5 kilograms (approx. 11 pounds). She was almost too big to fit on the scale.

The mother, Trevisan, is a Brazilian businesswoman who runs a hotel with her husband, Antonio. “My belly grew big really fast and we thought I was carrying twins,” she said, The Mirror reported.

When Trevisan took an ultrasound two hours before her cesarean section, the doctor told her the baby was larger than any he had ever seen before.

“The doctor told me he had never done an ultrasound of a child so big,” the mom said. “In fact, he underestimated just how big she was going to be. But he correctly predicted she was going to be the largest baby ever born in the unit.”

Unprepared for such news, Trevisan was shocked by Gabrielly’s hefty weight as well. With three older children already, the mom said at first she was not used to her gigantic baby.

“It was a bit of a shock and surprisingly uncomfortable the first day I took her into my arms. I didn’t expect her to be so heavy and so long,” the mom told StoryTrender. “But now I’m getting used to her.”

The giant Gabrielly has attracted a lot of attention.

“The nurses haven’t stopped taking pictures with Gabrielly. She’s become a bit of a celebrity because they’ve never seen anything like it,” added the mom.

É muita gostosura pra uma bebê só. Vontade de morder!! Nossa super bebê Gabrielly q nasceu com 5.720Kg e medindo 54cm.

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In length, the gigantic newborn baby girl stretches 54 centimeters—that’s nearly 2 feet!

Besides baby Gabrielly’s incredible size, she also has an enlarged heart, which affected her breathing. She spent eight days in an incubator and went home after doctors had made sure her heart and breathing were having no problems.

“For the first three days I couldn’t breastfeed because she had difficulty breathing and needed oxygen. Now she’s feeding without any problems,” Trevisan shared.

Newborn da Gabrielly. A super bebê que nasceu essa semana aqui no HU. 5.720Kg e 54cm. Mamãe Maira Cristina Trevisan.

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Despite the challenges, Gabrielly is a “wonderful baby” who brings her parents great joy!

“She’s serene with a wonderful sunny personality,” Trevisan said.

Gabrielly smashed the record to be the biggest baby ever born at Cascavel University Hospital. However, she’s not the heaviest baby ever born in the world. As per the Guinness Book of World Records, Carmelina Fedele, from Aversa, Italy, delivered her gigantic baby boy, weighing 22 pounds and 8 ounces (10.2 kilograms), back in September 1955.