Mom Preserves Christmas Tree Her Teen Son Decorated Before He Died

TIMEDecember 29, 2021

A grieving mother wrapped her Christmas tree in cellophane to hold last year’s decorations in place in order to preserve the ornaments her teenage son had put up before he died.

Heather Davis, 34, lost her son Kooper, 17, to suicide in December 2020, just weeks after he helped to decorate their tree.

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The mom-of-five wanted to remember him and preserve the decorations he’d placed on the branches, so she wrapped it up in plastic to keep them in place.

This year, Heather’s husband, Justin, 37, and kids Kroy, 1, and Kharley, 6, removed the cellophane from the tree. As they unwrap it, all the decorations from the previous year are unveiled in the exact same position as they were last Christmas.

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“Unwrapping it for the first time this year was emotional but it was nice to feel close to him again,” Heather said. “The tree will be staying this way for every Christmas to come so each year we can remember our beautiful son.”

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(L–R) Justin Davis, Kroy, 1, Kynlee, 12, Kharley, 6, Kohen, 1, Heather, and Kooper. (SWNS)
Epoch Times Photo
Kooper and his mother, Heather Davis. (SWNS)

Additionally, Heather bought another tree this year for friends and loved ones of her son to decorate with ornaments in Kooper’s memory.

Epoch Times Staff contributed to this report.

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