Mom Needs Help After Suddenly Fainting, Then Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Calls 911: ‘She Just Remembered It’

TIMEJanuary 13, 2022

Just after the holidays, one mom from Macon, Georgia, needed help when she suddenly fainted at a family member’s house.

After receiving medical attention, Tamyaa Alexander, 23, was shocked to hear that her 2-year-old daughter, Serenity, had called 911 and then called her grandmother for help.

“My family told me when I woke up from hospital [that] Serenity called 911 and her grandma,” Tamyaa told The Epoch Times. “Everybody gave her props about what she did.”

Epoch Times Photo
(Courtesy of Tamyaa Alexander)

The mom added that she had taught her daughter how to call 911 but was amazed at how smart and intelligent she was, knowing what to do when it mattered most. Family members and officials were also impressed by how the toddler responded.

“I taught her how to call 911 and she just remembered it,” the mom said proudly. “And that’s what she did.

“Serenity is very outgoing, she’s outspoken … She’s a very confident, sweet baby.”

Tamyaa added that she doesn’t know what caused her to faint, but she’s now feeling fine.

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