Mom Fires Back After Receiving Backlash for Allowing Her 7-Year-Old to Ride on the Back of Motorcycle

By Sherley Boursiquot, Epoch Times
April 26, 2016 Updated: April 28, 2016

A Texas mom from Corpus Christi took to Facebook on April 22 to defend why she allowed her daughter to ride behind her boyfriend on his motorcycle.

Mallory Torres’s 7-year-old daughter rode home from school clinging to the boyfriend, wearing pink tennis shoes and a pink backpack, along with a full-face helmet.

The picture sparked a lot of uproar from folks on social media because they felt that the girl was too young to be riding behind the driver on a motorcycle.

Others questioned the girl’s safety.

But Torres defended her decision, saying her boyfriend, John Hays, has more than 20 years experience—which was why she’d initially allowed her daughter to ride on the back of Hays’ motorcycle.

She also said it wasn’t her daughter’s first time behind on a motorcycle, added that on her daughter’s first ride she followed “closely behind.” 

However, Torres isn’t the only parent who has allowed her child to ride on the back of a motorcycle—a lot of Facebook users uploaded a picture in the comments section of the post showing their kids—some as young as 3-years-old—sitting on the back of a motorcycle.

Torres, whose post has since been shared nearly 37,000 times, said she will continue to allow her daughter to ride if she wants to.

“I’ll tell you what i WON’T do though. I won’t keep my child from riding just because a handful of close minded, ignorant people think they are the definition of a “perfect parent,” she wrote.


 According to Texas law, a passenger on a motorbike must be at least 5 years old and if they are under 21, they must wear a helmet.