Mom Falsely Accuses Daughter of Drug Use, Learns Truth in Hilarious Text Exchange

June 7, 2016 Updated: June 7, 2016

As parents, we like to think our kids are angels. But, when we see something suspicious, we tend to think the worst.

The conversation in this story takes place via text message. The story begins when daughter Ashley asks her mother to put a calculator in the mailbox so that her friend could use it for the SATs. 

Mom then asks where the calculator is, to which Ashley replies that it’s probably on her nightstand.

Mom then replies with a picture of what she found on the nightstand—some colorful looking pills enclosed in a Ziploc bag.

Mom ensues with a furious text message:

“Ashley Carol I will not have drugs in my house. Come home right now. As soon as your dad comes home from California we will discuss your consequences. As for now your grounded and you will not be leaving the house, come home this instant.”

Ashley responds to her livid mother with some fun emojis, and tells her mother to put the “drugs” in water.

Mom complies, and replies with a photo—the “drugs” expanded in the water to become foam dinosaurs.

Consequently, mom rescinds the order for her daughter to come home, but not without quipping “Why in the Earth would you buy these? I thought you were 16 not 7?”